Cassie Cherry- Rider

Meg Williams - Trainer

Let me just say I adore my new Borné "bespoke" saddle almost as much as I adore the horse for which is was designed and made! I had a vision in my head of the saddle I wanted for my mare and with Borné 's help, the vision came true! From the very precise measurements that Borné saddle fitter, Dena Owens, made at the outset and then again before final work and shipment, to the great communication and rapport established with Karen Borné. They took my sketches and made them come to life with the talented craftsmanship of Andy Sankey. It was a pleasure to work with all of them. The saddle fits my, hard to fit, large shouldered mare, um, well, like it was made for her! LOL I couldn't be happier! And neither could my Divine Dream! Her gaits have doubled with the freedom she now enjoys in her new "Divine Butterscotch" bespoke saddle. I highly recommend getting a saddle custom made to your horse, and I HIGHLY recommend when you do, go to Borné!

Alicia Frese-Klenk
Newnan, GA

Dressage Headlines Newsletter

I thought I should send you this as a testimony to your efforts in finding a saddle to fit Chester. If you look at the second photo, you will see Shannon Dueck on the platform holding her bronze medal for Canada Team 2 from the Nations Cup competition last week. No question that your efforts helped my boy get to this point in his training. Many thanks and hope all is well.

Beth Ferber
Concord, MA

Dear Karen,
I am so thrilled to finally be in my very special saddle. It is absolutely beautiful and fits both myself and Atticus perfectly! The stingray is just enough bling to make it unique and interesting! Atticus was so miserable in his previous saddle that it finally led to bad behavior and ulcers. I now have a new horse that is happy in his work and progressing rapidly. We just scored a 66.9% at third level which was a real success knowing where we had been three months ago.

Lea Ann did a fantastic job helping me find the right saddle for Atticus . Her knowledge of saddle fitting both static and with movement is amazing. Her understanding of equine massage, biomechanics and saddle fitting gives her a unique ability to fit the rider and horse correctly. She is wonderful to work with! Last, I wanted to thank you also for the beautiful polo and jacket. They fit perfectly and I will wear your logo with pride when I am at shows!


Jessica W. Beier, M.D.
Tifton Pathological Services
Tift Regional Medical Center

Whether it is starting unpredictable young horses or riding a perfectly balanced piaffe, there is only one saddle I trust with my art and with my life. You can "Trust the Fit" of Borné Saddles. You can trust the integrity and craftsmanship in every saddle Andy Sankey constructs. You can trust the experience and knowledge of Karen Borne to pick the perfect saddle for you and your horse. My horses love the balance and comfort of these saddles and I refuse to train my personal horses in any other saddle. I have brought my mare, Ultra Sonic, from Intro to FEI in a Borné Saddle and one day, I will boast I have done the same with Lisandro from starting him on day one with a Sankey Barracuda. With the Borné company's high standards of personalized customer care and Andy Sankey's time tested craftsmanship, you can rest assured you have made the correct decision to ride in a Borné saddle.

Jessica Stark


Thank you for your wonderful saddles. I have six of your saddles in the barn and I love them all and so do my students. We all agree that the Borné saddles allow the horses to move free and correct because your saddles allow for freedom and movement in all the right places. I have tried many different brands but Borné surpasses them all, not only by quality but also fit for horse and rider. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product that helps me balance horses properly to help them achieve their best levels of performance while moving free of pain.


Angela Paltram
Owner/Trainer AP Dressage
San Diego, CA

Dear Karen,

I would just briefly like to thank you for my fantastic Borné Dressage Saddle. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes on my horse, Charlie Brown, and in my riding.
As you know, I have had several custom saddles in my life. Not a one has come close to the fit of my Borné. As an Adult Amateur Rider of several disciplines, I know the value and importance of having a saddle that fits both horse and rider.

As an "older" rider, I have more than my share of joint and muscle issues to due aging. One particular issue is my hip flexors causing pain as I practice my dressage flatwork. This fabulous saddle makes all those lessons come to life and worth all the dollars I invest in learning. In my Borné I can really secure my seat and communicate properly and pain-free with Charlie Brown. WOW! What a difference!!!

As Chairman of the Kentucky Horse Park Commission I have seen my share of saddle vendors come to the Horse Park with promises. Frankly, your Borné saddle is the first I have tried that has lived up to it's potential and promises. You truly stand by your product and change lives. Thank you for changing mine.

Alston M. Kerr
Commissioner, Kentucky Horse Park

"When I first looked at my new Borne saddle, I noticed that it looked very beautiful and I could tell from a distance that the leather and cut were of high quality, but still I hadto try it on my horse to really know what to think. When I placed the saddle on the back of my horse, I immediately noticed that it fit my horse very well so I was still positive about the saddle.

When I finally rode my horse in my new Borne saddle, I was like... WOW...it felt great! My thigh fell into place, my seat felt the deepest part of the saddle right away, and I felt so comfortable in the saddle that my immediate attention was towards my balance and aids as I was riding.

I am so happy with this saddle that I felt that I had to tell everyone in the barn about it, not with the intention to promote the saddle, but with the intention to let my fellow riders in my barn know, that with this Borne saddle, you can find your balance and stability just by sitting in it."

Andreas Stano
Dressage Clinic

I wish I had met Candy Fraser and Borné Saddlery when I purchased Verito, as a 5 year old. I knew fitting a saddle for him was going to be complicated. I had no idea how complicated! Now, 3 years later, thanks to Borné Saddlery, and their new Journey line, we finally have the correct fit. They were the only organization that was committed to finding the correct fit for me and my horse within my budget. Verito has never felt freer in his shoulder, capable of moving comfortably and confidently over his back, and forward into the bridle.

Once Candy determined the correct tree shape for Verito's back, we tried it on him and he instantly told us how happy he was. The horse who was always so difficult to get in front of my leg, was moving forward feely under me. His training progressed more in one month's time than we had in the previous six months.

The quality of the saddle is impeccable and it was delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Borné stands behind their work and their saddles and is committed to insuring a proper fit, at a reasonable price, for even the most complicated horses. In Verito's case, he has a short flat back, minimally developed shoulder, and big, pushing gaits. Every saddle I put on him rode up on his shoulder and lifted in the back. I thought that finding a saddle that could stay with him and centered and balanced was impossible.

Thank you Candy and Borné for proving me wrong. Verito and I are thrilled!

Eileen Halloran
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Postural Alignment Specialist, Level 1 Egoscue
USDF Bronze Medalist

After testing over 10 saddles that weren't quite right, I realized I needed the help of a professional saddle fitter. Professional help is what I found with Candy Frazer of Borné Saddlery.

I was originally able to ride in a Borné saddle during a clinic. The clinic provided a great opportunity for various Borné saddles to be tested for basic fit on my new horse, Schoentell. Later on, a wither tracing and various photos of my horse helped clarify his particular needs.

Timing was in our favor. The new Borné 'Flexion 360' was just becoming available and proved to provide the ideal tree for my horse. The optional velcro knee blocks are great! I love the versatility of having two different sized blocks. For me, the narrow block allows more room for my long thigh to comfortably drape against the horse.

Thank you for the excellent customer service. Your follow through to be sure we were comfortable with the saddle after the purchase was sincerely appreciated. Schoentell and I thank you for helping us both finally get comfortable. We just participated in our first show and received scores of 68.2% and 72.8% for our Training Level rides!"

Liz Piacentini & Schoentell
Southwick, MA
Photo by Elizabeth Dufrense

When I bought my PRE Andalusian dream stallion, Bandolero, a few years ago I had a really hard time finding a saddle that would fit his wide round back but still be comfortable for me. After purchasing several "mistakes" I finally found the Borné Barracuda. I've been riding in it for over 2 years now, and my young horse has now filled out into his "senior" stallion body, but it still fits great! Borné customer service has been great, and a minor issue I had with the saddle was fixed promptly at no cost to me. Would definitely recommend a Borné saddle!

Toni Mueller
Maple Valley, WA

After finding out that my current saddles did not fit my young horse, Karen and I discussed my situation to find a solution. I told her I was not sure I would be keeping this horse as she was only 4 and had changed dramatically from a 3-year- old. I was also worried about the financial commitment of a custom saddle at this time. Karen could have sold me a Borné saddle but she really listened, and suggested that I try to find a saddle on the used market for now until the decision was made to keep my mare.

After spending some time with Karen and her associate who explained the conformation of my mare's back and the types of saddles to look for, I was able to quickly find a used saddle that fit me and my mare perfectly. I remain impressed by the time spent by Karen to solve my problem even though I was not purchasing a custom saddle from her. I know from past experience that it is rare to find this sort of business ethics these days.

Bottom line: it was all about the horse for Borné, not about selling a saddle. I came to Borné a stranger but left as a friend and if this mare turns out to be a "keeper", I can't wait to discover the advantages of a Borné saddle!

June M. Scholl
Flying Solo Farm, LLC

Meeting Karen Borné at a Jane Savoie clinic was the first step in finding the perfect saddle for my mare. She took the time to thoroughly explain how the Borné fits each individual horse and rider. My mare now has all the freedom of her shoulder she needs in her Borné saddle. My trainer is no longer constantly correcting my position and I stay balanced which enables me to communicate more effectively. I was so impressed by the quality of the saddle and customer service that I decided to Rep for Borné as an independent saddle fitter. Everyone can ride better in a Borné!

Cyndi Parks
In Harmony Saddle Fitting
Kaleva, Michigan

I wanted to let you know how thrilled Meine and I are with our new saddle. This was my first custom saddle and I must say, Borne Saddlery exceeded my expectations in every way! Candy was an absolute pleasure to work with. She went out of her way to see to it that every detail was covered and that the fit would be absolutely perfect. The finished product is an absolutely gorgeous, quality saddle that is perfectly fitted to my horse! We are so grateful for the time, attention to detail and outstanding customer service you and Candy provided throughout this process. The end result is a very satisfied customer and a very happy horse!

While you have made a clear mark in the dressage saddle industry, thank you for transitioning that same magic and brilliance to jumping. You are wonderful!

Nancy Woodard-Bourke
New Jersey

Many of my students and training horses are in the Borné saddles. We love them! Most recently, I have acquired a custom Borné saddle for my Grand Prix horse, Stars In Stripes, which I was instrumental in designing. The emphasis of the saddle is to afford the rider a correct and effective position. My horse has such free movement in this saddle compared to saddles I have had in the past.

Thank you Borné Saddlery!

Pam Fowler-Grace
Cat Spring, TX

Ever since Wyning Edge Friesians purchased the Borné Ambassador Saddle for their Friesian stallion Eeltsje F, I finally have the support of the saddle and he has the freedom he needs in his shoulders and back for his outstanding movement. He can now perform to his utmost potential.

We are so happy with the quality of the product and the customer service, we have since had our Westmanton Stables clients purchase saddles from Karen Borné.

Thank you to Borné Saddlery for all your help and support!

Nicole Gluesenkamp
Trainer, Bereiter FN
Westmanton Stables, LLC
Castle Rock, CO

I switched from a Hennig to the Borné Olympia and couldn't be happier with the elegance and correctness of the saddle fit, thanks to Andy Sankey, Master Saddler for Borné Saddles and your saddle fitter Ellen of SaddleHands.com. My home bred, 3rd generation, KWPN Sport Ster mare, Najinska (Consul/Taxateur) and her rider, Shannon Dahmer of Ft. Lupton, Colorado, had a very successful show season in 2008; shown here accepting the FEI TOC Free Style Championship Trophy in the Saturday evening class and presentation at the Del Mar Dressage Week Show. They went on to be 5th in the KWPN I-1 Free Style HOY year end awards. This year they are starting Najinska's Grand Prix career thanks to a saddle that allowed her training to come through in a clear and comfortable manner.

Sally Shaffer

I am very impressed with the Borné saddle line. There are so many custom features available to suit all types of horses as well as different rider body types. The Borné team strives to accommodate individual needs for horse and rider. I am pleased to recommend these beautifully made, high quality, versatile saddles.

Sue Winslade
New Hampshire

How wonderful both saddles are! Of course, I never planned to get the second one, but after the dressage saddle, it was pretty much a necessity. Can't settle for less than the best! Mack is definitely a happier and more forward horse and, for a partnership that hates flatwork equally, we are both actually having fun. But the jumping saddle is what we BOTH want to put miles on come warmer weather! If you have a chance, please let the saddlemaker know his craftsmanship is apparent and appreciated - and thanks for all you did - the information, education terrific fitting and endless patience!

Priscilla Clark. Owner/Operator
New England Horse Transport

"It was always a dream of mine to design a dressage saddle for my company, Riding Couture. I chose Borné Saddlery as a partner because I feel that the quality of a Borné saddle is truly second to none, coupled with superior customer service, which is equally as important when working with another company.

I was very specific about what I wanted and Borné Saddlery delivered, down to the last detail. Karen listened to what I had to say, asked lots of questions, answered lots of questions, until we finally arrived at what is now The Duchess saddle, which is truly a luxury saddle that is indeed "Riding Couture."

Thank you, Karen, for making a dream come true!"

Melonie Rainey, Owner
Marysville, WA

"After trying out several saddles (over 6!), and even one that was supposedly made for Friesians, I was beyond frustrated. My horse has grown from a medium tree to needing a wide to extra wide in just over two years.

Her first saddle was fine when she was only four, but when we started working her more, her muscles developed and she changed drastically. I encountered a rocky road in my quest for a better saddle. I happened upon the opportunity to try out some saddles that a friend of a friend said . . . and you know how that goes. I was skeptical and jaded after so many failures. I was starting to feel guilty riding my horse in all these uncomfortable saddles. I knew her previous saddle was off in fit but never realized how much until I tried out a Borné saddle. Her movements changed right away. I went ahead and ordered a saddle and waited to see if the final product would live up to expectations. I was thrilled in her response!

The twist is different but for me it was an easy adjustment. The main thing is that my horse's back is less stressed and her movements are more expressive. As a veterinarian, I know that ill saddle fit and back problems can be a major issue. Weight is evenly distributed over a wider area than any saddle I have seen, and if I can eliminate/decrease one factor, then I have accomplished my goals as an owner as well as a veterinarian.

The Ambassador saddle is well made by a Master Saddler, the design well thought, the price really great, and the customer service nearly flawless. I highly recommend the Borné saddles for anyone, but especially for all Friesian owners."

Tram Le Williams (Tram Le, D.V.M.)
Seattle, Washington

I have ridden in nearly every dressage saddle on the market and my Borné saddle is the perfect combination of fit, comfort, and performance for both my horse and myself. After almost 20 years of riding, wear and tear took a toll on my back requiring surgery. When I was finally able to ride again, I had to ride hunt seat to keep pressure off my spine. I could hardly sit down let alone ride dressage! I threw my Borné saddle on my horse and thought I would at least give it a try. It has been a lifesaver for my back! This saddle is the reason I am able to ride dressage again and get back out in the show arena! Thank you so much!!

Cassie Cherry
Ladera Ranch, CA

I love riding in my Borné Saddles. I've ridden in so many different saddles and nothing compares. I ride one Grand Prix horse in the Olympia and the other Grand Prix horse in the Capri. They are so comfortable for me and my horses. I've had great success with Borné saddles every step of the way from Training Level through Grand Prix! Thank you Karen Borné!

Shannon Dahmer
Professional Trainer
Denver, Colorado

I have been training and showing horses for over 30 years and currently show an FEI level Friesian. I am very concerned about having the correct saddle for my horse and my client's horses as well. Borné Saddlery designed a saddle that works incredibly well on my horse who has a very wide, flat back. He now works willingly and very happily with no back pain.

I purchased my Borné Saddle when my horse was showing 2nd Level and I do feel that the saddle has played an important role in his progress to FEI. I have several clients who also purchased a custom Borné saddle for their horses and are just as thrilled with their saddles as I am!

Many thanks to Karen Borne for providing such wonderful service.

Jill Beltran
Professional Trainer
Fallbrook, California

Jalapeno is a very hard to fit horse because he is wide, round-ribbed and has almost no withers. With the Borné Olympia saddle I found all my prayers answered. Not only does it fit my horse perfectly, I like the way it distributes the weight on his back and it gives him the necessary shoulder freedom my old saddle was lacking.

The Buffalo and Elk leather gives me a whole new riding experience and the deep seat has helped my posture. I am just thrilled to finally have found the perfect saddle for me and my horse.

Karen Oberlohr
Eagle, Colorado

I enjoy riding in my Borné Capri saddle. The professionals at Borne saddlery are top-notch and the products are the finest quality. I am very happy to recommend these saddles.

Barend Heilbron
New Hampshire