Saddle Fitters

All Saddle Fitters and Authorized Repair professionals are independent contractors and not employees of Borné Saddlery.

Borné Saddles are to be serviced by Authorized Repair/Flocking companies only. Anyone who is not listed on this page is considered "Unauthorized" to work on our saddles and will render your Warranty Null and Void at the time of service rendered. Any exceptions to this Notice will need to be approved by Karen Borne and Andy Sankey in writing.

Heather Haase

Serving: California
Phone: 310.420.3394

Kandis Horton

Serving: Washington
Phone: 206.795.6221

Candy Frazer

Serving: East Coast
Phone: 978.456.3740
Truck-ins welcome for demo rides. Indoor arena is available.

Fran Smith
Serving: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois
Phone: 502.338.8876
Email: Website:

Karen Borne
Serving: Texas
Phone: 713.504.6812

Capstone saddlery

Authorized Representative for Flocking/Repair
Serving: South, Southwest
Phone: 512.466.5301
Address: 12000 C Hwy 290 W
Austin, Tx 78737

Dutchess Bride & Saddle

Authorized Representative for Flocking/Repair
Central, Northeast
Phone: 978.456.3740
Address: 6 Mt. Salem Road
Port Jervis, NY 12771