Borné Saddlery, LLC specializes in fitting *Bespoke English Saddles to accommodate both horse and rider, achieving peak performance for today's equestrian athlete. For over a decade Karen Borné, President of Borné Saddlery, LLC, along with Andy Sankey, Certified Master Saddler and established member of The Society of Master Saddler, UK, have teamed up to provide outstanding service and quality saddles to the United States market.

As the equine sport becomes more refined, and breeding evolves producing an increasing variety of conformational shapes, Borné remains on the cutting edge of tree and panel design to meet today's need for a wider range of saddle choices. For this reason, Borné is unique in that the emphasis is on the tree as the foundation from which everything flows.

Materials used in Borné saddles are of the highest quality. Birchwood spring trees are the foundation in every saddle from Dressage to Jumping. Panels are flocked with resilient wool sheared from Scottish Highland Sheep, and leathers are sourced from various tanneries in Europe.

The real cornerstone of what makes Borné Saddlery successful, however, is stellar customer service. So often, saddles are sold to clients and the saddle company seems unresponsive to the customer's needs after the sale. Not so with Borné. Read through some of the client testimonials and you will see that Borné has an A+ rating on customer service.

What is Bespoke?

In today's market, bespoke has become synonymous with "semi-custom" in practice. These semi-custom saddles offer substitutions such as leather choice, knee roll size, or flap length however, these choices are simply custom options rather than a truly custom-tailored saddle.

A true bespoke saddle incorporates a custom fitted tree to best fit the horse, changes in design patterns to better fit the rider, and all the custom options available.